Vertical Concrete Wood

Vertical Concrete Wood

Vertical Concrete FAQ

Q. How well does this hold up outside?
A. SS Vertical Mix will work outside quite well however variable such as coating, environment and application can all effect its long term success.

Q. Can I really make concrete look like wood panels?
A. Yes you can with the right stamp and coloring techniques. At The Stamp Store we have a wall of stamped vertical that looks like wood planks and 99% of the people have to ask if it is real wood.

Q. Can I use SS Vertical in my house?
A. Yes, SS Vertical is designed for both indoor and out. Coloring and sealing differences should be taken into account because of the UV factor for outdoor work.

Q. Can I use this on any wall or do I have to reinforce the wall to handle the weight?
A. It’s a lightweight mix however a moving substrate must be reinforced before applying.

Q. Can I make a wall using SS Vertical Mix?
A. SS Vertical can be applied up to a 3” thickness. So, there will need to be a roughed in framework for the coating to adhere to.

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