Edge Border Concrete Stencil

Stencils FAQ

Q. Can your Paintmask stencils be used more than once?
A. No. They come with an adhesive-backed vinyl and can only be used once.

Q. Do you make custom Mylar stencils?
A. No we do not, however there are many of online resources for this.

Q. What is the difference between a “positive weed” and a “negative weed”? 

A. The Paint mask vinyl (adhesive-backed vinyl that is transferred to a surface) allows for the option of using the pattern in two distinct ways. We can “weed out” (remove) the vinyl in design area itself thus being called a positive weed. Or we can “weed out” the vinyl surrounding the design. This is what we term a negative weed. The most common option used is the positive weed, and this will give an effect similar to a traditional stencil. If you want the design itself to be the “mask”, you will choose a negative weed. Or you can get the stencil sent to you with no weeding.

Q. How big can my stencil be?
A. Our 4mil Paintmask vinyl is usually the choice of material for most concrete stencils. It comes on 30” wide rolls, allowing us to cut designs approximately 27” x 45” in one piece. If your design is larger than this, it will be a “tiled” job, i.e.…one piece is butted up to the edge of another piece to make the design complete.

Q. What is the turnaround time for custom stencils?
A. We ask that you allow at least one week. Depending on the job queue in front of your order as well as your design complexity, it could take longer. Also please keep in mind that approval of artwork is necessary in all custom stencils.

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