Concrete Stencils

Concrete Stencils

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The Stamp Store offers several different types of stencils depending upon the desired end result.

Paper Stencils

Stenciling can be done in both freshly placed concrete or in existing concrete that has been covered by an overlay. Artcrete stencils are made of thick, tear-resistant paper covered with a water resistant coating. The stencil patterns consist of only the “mortar joint,” with the “brick or “stones” cut out. Stencils for concrete come in a wide variety of popular patterns ranging from running bond brick to stone, slate, and tiles. Examples of these can be found in our Gallery.

Custom Stencils

If you have a logo, saying or just an embellishment you want to put on your countertop or floor, we can help. Explore new creative possibilities with decorative borders, corner accents, company logos, family crests, monograms, and a special drawing and more. Our custom stencils can be used with a variety of installation techniques including: cast-in-place, overlay, vertical applications, acid stain, concrete dye, and sandblasting. Our Paintmask custom stencils (adhesive-backed vinyl that is transferred to a surface) works best with SS Dye-namic coloring giving a beautiful crisp color and edge.

Custom stencil pricing and design fees are based on the overall size and complexity of your design, as well as the material required for the final stencil. All design specifications and criteria must be submitted via e-mail to patty<at> for an exact quote.

For custom stencils, files must be submitted as:

  • Illustrator (.AI, .EPS, .PDF)
  • CorelDraw (.CDR, .EPS),
  • AutoCAD (.DXF)

*Additional charges may apply if electronic artwork requires clean-up or manipulation. Designs submitted as non-vector art (i.e.: TIFF, JPEG, BMP) must be redrawn and additional charges will apply. Copyrighted materials will not be accepted without written approval.

Most logos and design concepts can be translated into a custom stencil, however, we will occasionally encounter a few that cannot. We recommend contacting us regarding pricing and feasibility on a per-job basis. Call Patty at 888-848-0059 or 405-525-2426.

Stencil Tips

  • Once you get your stencil, unroll it and lay it flat.
  • Avoid leaving in the heat, like your back seat or in a trunk. Try applying it in a cool environment or early in the day on a hot summer day.
  • Not for sure if the material will work. Ask for a sample. We’ll be happy to help.
  • Burnish both sides before putting the stencil down.

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