Polyaspartic Commercial Coating

Polyaspartic Commercial Coating

SS Polyaspartic FAQ

Q. I’m a homeowner, can I do this myself?
A. A well experienced applicator can do a 500 sq. ft garage by himself. However, we do not recommend a homeowner use the SS Polyaspartic system. Hire a contractor that has been trained. Then you will be pleased.

Q. How durable are polyaspartic floors?
A.3 times more abrasion resistant than an epoxy. Polyaspartic is at the top of the food chain when it comes to coatings.

Q. Does it smell?
A. It is solvent based, so yes, it has an odor. We recommend that all HVAC systems be turned off and block off while doing the work.

Q. My restaurant can’t be out of service for long? Will this work?
A. Yes, while it can be walked on within two hours, and return to service within 24 hours. However, all coatings require a full seven-day cure period for chemical spills.

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