Q. Can I use SS EZ Top on all kitchen countertop surfaces? 

A. Yes, as long as the surface is properly prepared. If doubtful, call and ask.

Q. Can I use SS EZ Top on damaged laminate countertops? 

A. Yes and easy to do. If the damage has resulted in a lower surface area, as where the laminate has separated, come loose or been chipped off – mix enough Bond Coat to bring fill in the lower area up to the normal height. If the damage is deep scratches, they will most probably be filled in during the regular EZ Top process.

Q. Can I use SS EZ Top on surfaces other than kitchen countertops? 

A. Yes, SS EZ Top is designed to go over any properly prepared surfaces such as laminate and tile.

Q. Why is surface preparation so important?
A. Preparation results in a rougher surface. This surface now has a greater surface area thereby increasing the ability of the EZ Top products to adhere.

Q. How does room temperature affect the SS EZ Top application? 

A. Warmer temps will accelerate the drying time, usually not an issue when indoors.

Q. How do I refinish around sinks, stoves and other appliances? 

A. If possible, remove such items and after reinstalling apply a bead of silicone or other caulking material.

Q. What if I make a mistake? 

A. Mistakes provide an opportunity to read instructions, watch the video, call with questions and RELAX. Anything has a remedy.

Q. Do I have to apply more than one coat of SS EZ Top?
A. Usually you would not “have to” although it may be helpful. We recommend creating samples. On some sample use one Top Coat; on others use two Top Coats so you know the difference in appearance.

Q. Does SS EZ Top have an odor?
A. A faint odor may be detected.

Q. What colors and finishes are available?
A. Colors are unlimited and so are finishes.

Q. How do I maintain my SS EZ Top countertop?
A. Let the SS EZ Top cure for 48 hours before light use. Do not use cleaners on the surface until the countertop is fully cured – approximately seven days. After that, we recommend normal dish soap.

  • Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning. For difficult stains, use a mild dish detergent in water. Use Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® for dark scuff marks or marks from crayons.
  • Do not put hot pots or pans directly onto the countertop; always use a trivet.
  • Never cut directly on the countertop; always use a cutting board.
  • Do not let spills sit on the surface; wipe clean regularly.
  • Do not drop heavy items directly on the surface.
  • The cool thing is that any serious damage can be repaired which is one reason to keep good notes.
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