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EZTOP-LOGOResurface and transform old counters for a fresh new look.

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EZ Top Countertop Resurfacing System allows almost any countertop material, including, Formica, laminate, Corian, tile, marble, granite or other to be completely resurfaced and renewed. Without the tear out! EZ Top is a proprietary blend of cementitous powders and polymers, which allow the installer to trowel layers of micro coatings over the most commonly, found surfaces in today’s kitchens and baths. The entire kit comes complete in one 5 gallon pail with instructions and a DVD showing the step by step procedure for resurfacing a countertop up to 60 sq. ft.

EZ Top will provide big impact for a small investment. A kitchen remodel will provide the best return on investment in a home renovation, right next to a bathroom remodel. Cost savings solution number one; resurface your countertops with SS EZ Top.

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As is often the case with many items in our consumable society, many kitchen countertops are in quite good condition but are outdated, and simply don’t fit in with a modern look or design. When EZ Top is used there is no tear out, thus saving the need to dispose into our already overburdened landfills. SS EZ Top addresses this concern and gives homeowner an option of what to do with their old countertops. EZ Top Countertop Resurfacing System gives the appearance of a unique solid slab of concrete colored into the distinct style of the designer. Countertops will now be a unique, one of a kind piece of artwork, which adds immediate value to your home.

The EZ Top countertop do-it-yourself resurfacing / refinishing system can be done by a professional concrete countertop resurfacing company or decorative concrete professional but was designed with the DIY countertops market in mind. For handy individuals who are not afraid to get a little dirty, the EZ Top system is for them. Everything needed comes in 5 gallon bucket along with a comprehensive video-DVD also found online here.

EZ Top Tips

  • Before you begin Watch the instructional DVD. It’s a helpful, step-by-step overview packed with information on how to easily transform your countertops in a weekend.
  • Prepare for the Project If you are planning on replacing your sink in the near future, now is an ideal time.
  • Application Tips Be patient, each step is leads to the next continually refining the appearance.

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