Contractors, Are You Interested In More Jobs And More Money?

Get On Our Contractor’s List!

Approximately 35 to 40 of The Stamp Store “Recommended Contractor Referral Lists” are faxed or given to individuals’ on a daily basis during our peak season. Contractors on our list get the calls. Our list is about the EASIEST and BEST source of free advertising for your company – that money can’t buy.

If you would want to be included on our Contractor’s Referral List, please consider the following:

  • Contractor must provide proof of insurance
  • Contractor must provide 3 referral letters with pictures from satisfied customers.
  • To remain on the Contractor Referral List you must purchase every 30 days and be current on your account.

Do you think you might like to be listed?
Great, we’d love to have you. Just bring your proof of insurance, pictures and referral letters to Dana at The Stamp Store.


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