Some New Trends for 2015 in Decorative Concrete

Fgallery5-14_0Are you interested in improving the look of your home’s patio or outdoor area? Perhaps you have a dull and boring concrete floor in your home that you would like to use as a blank canvas for creating something beautiful and unique. Decorative concrete can be used in both instances to transform your damaged or boring concrete into a space that is truly distinctive. While concrete was often thought of in the past as being dull and boring, new trends for 2015 in decorative concrete are proving this is simply not true.

If you are looking for something that has a bit of snazzy sheen to it, you might wish to consider metallics.  Metallic coatings in decorative concrete are somewhat new and with this technique, you can mix a range of metallic pigments with reflectivity into the concrete coating system.  If done correctly the coating produces a look that imitates the appearance of steel or copper. Along with adding a hint of glamor to floors, metallic coatings would also be a good option to add a hint of elegance to countertops and vanities. Stop in The Stamp Store and we can show you a few of our own projects we have recently done with metallics.

Are you considering ways you can elevate the look of your pool area? If so, why not consider glow-in-the-dark concrete? Not only does this present an opportunity for improved safety, but it would also introduce plenty of wow factor in your outdoor landscaping.

Stenciling is another great way to get creative with decorative concrete and create an extraordinary look. Perhaps you would like to introduce a particular theme to your indoor or outdoor space. Whatever the case may be, a wide variety of stencils is now available to help you completely transform the look of both indoor and outdoor spaces and suit any theme or design you might have in mind.

Another decorative concrete trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of overlays to create designs inspired by nature. This is proving to be particularly true for patios and driveways. Whether you want the look of a tropical isle or a woodsy feel, concrete overlays can help you achieve it.

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