Tamara McKay

Meet Tamara….

Our newest member of The Stamp Store is Tamara McCay. She joined us in November of 2015 fulfilling the position of bookkeeper. She joined us right as we were transitioning to a complete new point of sales system and consequentially was held hostage in her office, learning a new system for several months. But her skills and expertise has really been a wonderful and much needed asset to our team.

TamaraBefore coming to The Stamp Store, Tamara was working at Danforth Animal Hospital helping take care of the animals giving her some “down time” from a stressful previous job. Tamara knew that animals were a way to slow down and reevaluate the important things in life. She is definitely a pet person and has one big chocolate lab that is a complete lover and takes up a lot of room on the bed.

For 6 years Tamara was her own boss flipping homes, remodeling and being a landlord. While doing this she learned a thing or two about concrete: overlays, acid staining and even concrete countertops. Little did she know, that knowledge would come in handy working for The Stamp Store.

But wait….Tamara was hired as a bookkeeper! “Has she ever been a bookkeeper?” you ask. Of course! For 18 years she practiced this skill with Emergency Billing Services. Life just looks like its coming full circle with Tamara…back to bookkeeping and concrete!

In the evenings Tamara can be found doing some two-stepping on the dance floor with her fiancé Richard. Sometimes she gardening, other times enjoying some Netfix with her son, Isaac. We asked Tamara where her favorite vacation spot would be and she said the ocean or Disney World. Being from Oklahoma, and calling this place home, she doesn’t get to go to the ocean often, but that’s ok because she says that the “folks in Oklahoma make this my most favorite place to be.”

Stop by, say hello to Tamara. And please don’t hesitate to ever ask her to do her favorite line dance for you.

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