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  • Concrete Countertops


    enCOUNTER Professional Mix

    Ever wonder how to make concrete countertops? The Stamp Store carries SS Specialties enCOUNTER line system which has everything you will need for professional tops, forms, colors and sealer.

  • Natural Permanent Color for Concrete


    Concrete Staining»

    The most popular way of adding a permanent translucent color to the surface of concrete is called stained concrete.  This wildly popular decorative concrete technique can turn grey concrete into a stunning visual masterpiece.

  • Protect and Beautify Your Concrete


    Concrete Sealers»

    Protecting and adding coating your concrete is achieved with concrete sealers and coatings.  Designed for a number of reasons these sealers will add longevity to concrete, help keep it from wearing and even help avoid spalling and cracking.

  • Training


    Leaders in Training»

    Whether you are just starting out, looking to learn a new product or wanting to train your crew, The Stamp Store has long been the leader in Decorative Concrete training and hands on development.  Call us and get started today.

  • Do It Yourself


    Do It Yourself»

    So you want to go in alone?  Good for you.  Not only do we have excellent products that are easy to use, they are high quality commercial grade products that will last.  Learn how to fix, decorate, coat and create wonderful finishes in concrete.

  • Popular Products!


Decorative Concrete Projects

Take a look at some of the best decorative concrete projects and learn what it takes to get them done right!


Employee of the Month, Marisol Blanco

February 21, 2017Employee of the Month, Marisol Blanco

One of our most important employees is Marisol Blanco, and she is our Employee of the Month. No one deserves this more than Marisol. She is our…

Brickform’s New StampApp

January 26, 2017Brickform’s New StampApp

The coolest thing since sliced bread in the decorative concrete industry is Brickform’s new StampApp. This reality app allows contractors to use their iPad or phone to…

Employee of the Month: Christine Spretnjak

January 26, 2017Employee of the Month: Christine Spretnjak

She kinda stays under the radar, but she’s an intricate part of our team. Meet this months Employee of the Month, Christine Spretnjak, Director of Community Outreach.…

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